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When Bugs Were Big, Plants Were Strange, And Tetrapods Stalked The Earth: A Cartoon Prehistory Of Life Before Dinosaurs

When Bugs Were Big
ASIN: 079226326X

National Geographic Children's Books

Author: Hannah Bonner

Takes a tour of the Earth three hundred and twenty million years ago, during the Paleozoic Era, and investigates the plants and animals found there.
In case you are looking for a book We have come up with very good info. When Bugs Were Big, Plants Were Strange, And Tetrapods Stalked The Earth, a cartoon prehistory of life before dinosaurs a great book. Written by Hannah Bonner and it was published around March of 2004 by National Geographic Children's Books. The child's book concerns Paleontology and it is thought to be positive juvenile literature. The child's book has 48 pages and it provides you with some colorfully illustrated pages. To get the same great deal I ran across, check out the shopping cart button.

A centipede as long as a couch? Children will read"news reports"including a weather forecast from 320 million years ago and an emergency broadcast in regards to the swift extinction that would end the Permian period. Trees so tall they touch the clouds? This lively new paperback tickles the reader's funny bone while imparting tons of information in regards to the animals, plants, and bugs that lived before the dinosaurs. As kids peruse Bonner's innovative combination of narrative text, engaging illustrations, hilarious cartoons, maps, charts, and time lines, they will gather lots of beneficial scientific info about the amazing creatures that ruled the Earth prior to the dinosaurs. Amphibians changing into reptiles? These are just a couple of in the amazing life forms detailed in When Bugs Were Large.


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