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Uncover A T-rex: An Uncover It Book

Uncover A Trex An Uncover It Book
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ASIN: 1571457909

Silver Dolphin Books

Author: Dennis Schatz

Make sure you get a copy of Uncover A T-rex: An Uncover It Book an awesome child's book by Dennis Schatz. Written by Dennis Schatz and the publisher is Silver Dolphin Books. This became available sometime in January of 2003. The children's book has 16 pages. It's 11.81" Height x 10.98" Length x 1.26" Width. It has got a weight of 1.45 lbs. When you read, visualize the experience inside your head. You can get as innovative as you choose with the situation mentally. It should probably place you amidst the fun as well as excitement in the book. For more information about this book, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button on this site.

Uncover a T-Rex examines the structure and fossilized bones and remains from millions of years ago to figure out the anatomy and nature with the most potent meat-eating animal to ever reside on land. Learn about scientists theories and observations and how they came to their conclusions. Discover where T. rex fossils had been discovered inside the US, if they were hunters or scavengers, if they had been associated to birds and how fast this enormous animal could run.


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