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To The Beginning Of Time

To The Beginning Of Time
ASIN: 0872262936

Brighter Child

Author: Nicholas Harris

Presents a geological, biological, and social history of the earth by focussing on the same four locales--New York, southwestern France, the Nile Valley, and northern China--through thirteen time periods covering more then 550 million years.
The author is Nicholas Harris and it was published sometime in 2001 by Brighter Child. The hardcover children's book is for ages 96 months and up and concerns Historical geology and it is viewed as nice juvenile literature. This is the 1st US ed. of the book is 32 pages long and it has lovely colored illustrations. The children's book also highlights Evolution and Civilization.

Imagine you could travel back in time, and not just a couple of days, weeks, or years, even. And then, on back millions of years for the Age of Dinosaurs, to the great coal faorests, to a time when there was no life on land at all - to the first days inside the Earth itself. Imagine you could travel back through centuries and see what it was like to reside in Victorian times, the Middle Ages, the time with the Romans, or the great civilization of Ancient Egypt. The Incredible Journey to the Beginning of Time takes you such a journey. Then, why not continue on thousands of years - back to the early days of humans themselves, struggling through the Ice Ages?


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