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Super Little Giant Book Of Prehistoric Creatures (little Giant Books)

Super Little Giant Book Of Prehistoric
ASIN: 1402725930


Author: David Lambert / Diagram Visual

If you find yourself wishing to buy a children's book We've come up with some good info. Super Little Giant Book Of Prehistoric is a superb book. Written by David Lambert / Diagram Visual and it was published by Sterling. The was available on bookshelves sometime in 2006. The paperback children's book is related to Dinosaurs and it is considered a very good juvenile literature. The child's book has 288 pages and it is packed with amazingly colored illustrations of maps. It furthermore stresses Paleontology. It's 0.73"H x 5.96"L x 6.48"W. It weighs somewhere around 0.58 lbs.

It seems stranger than fiction — but it's true: this astonishing array of fascinating creatures really did inhabit the earth eons before humans ever existed. There's plenty of engrossing detail on the improvement of life within the sea, land, and air; on invertebrates, fish, amphibians, early tetrapods, reptiles, birds, and, finally, on mammals and other prehistoric beings. Each creature — including dinosaurs, naturally — gets a full, information-packed spread, together with drawings to show what it probably looked like, an illustration of a known animal for comparison, and a time line. Youngsters can see what emerged and when, starting with single-celled life forms a lot more than 3,500 million years ago. But they have come alive when once more on these vivid pages to amaze kids.


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