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Prehistoric World (usborne World History)

Prehistoric World
ASIN: 1580862705

Edc Pub (Lib)

Author: Fiona Chandler / Sam Taplin / Jane Bingham

Written by Fiona Chandler / Sam Taplin / Jane Bingham and it is published by Edc Pub (Lib). The child's book was available on the 1st of April, 2002. The book is 96 pages long. To obtain your own copy of this child's book for your children, visit the market button.

This volume traces the extraordinary evolution of our world, from the formation of Earth towards the beginnings of human history, and looks at some with all the amazing creatures that once inhabited our globe. Thoroughly researched and written especially for children, four volumes cover a vast expanse of time, from the creation within the Earth for the dawn from the 21st century. The"World History"series covers a wide range of countries and civilizations and gives a wealth of images and info. The book offers colourful maps showing the changing shapes of continents, the motion of people around the globe and the improvement of life on Earth and presents detailed reconstructions and photographs of prehistoric artefacts. It chronicles when life 1st appeared on Earth, why dinosaurs died out and how people survived the last Ice Age, covering a period up to 10,000BC. Other titles in the series include"Ancient World","Medieval World"and"The Last 500 Years ".


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