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Paleo Sharks: Survival Of The Strangest

Paleo Sharks Survival Of The Strangest
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ASIN: 0811848787

Chronicle Books

Author: Timothy J. Bradley

An illustrated introduction to sharks that lived during the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras.
Your kids will love this excellent book by Timothy J. Bradley. Written by Timothy J. Bradley and it was published on the 8th of March, 2007 by Chronicle Books. The hardcover book is for ages 96 months+ and is mostly about Sharks, Fossil along with Paleontology and it is thought to be smart juvenile literature. The children's book is 48 pages long and it incorporates some brilliantly colored illustrations. The child's book dimensions are 10.87" Height x 8.11" Length x 0.43" Width and weighs about 0.97 lbs. There are people who proclaim they don't really have time to read, but reading is yet another great usage of time, especially with the correct book. See this recommendation and you will absolutely love reading a lot more. To get the same great price I came across, visit our partners via the add to shopping cart button on this site.

If you think today's sharks are fearsome, wait till you see what swam in the oceans hundreds of millions of years ago! Timothy Bradley's vibrant illustrations and razor-sharp prose bring theseferocious fishand their tamer relativesto life with scientific detail. Learn how they survived catastrophic events that completely wiped other creatures out, and see which of their strange adaptations can nevertheless be seen in sharks nowadays. Sharks so significant they could swallow whales whole. Creatures with snouts like saws, and spiral jaws.


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