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Mammoth Bones And Broken Stones: The Mystery Of North America's First People

Mammoth Bones And Broken Stones
ASIN: 1590785614

Boyds Mills Press

Author: David L. Harrison

The author is David L. Harrison and the publisher is Boyds Mills Press. The became available sometime in 2010. The book has 48 pages. It's dimensions are 0.39"H x 10.28"L x 11.28"W and it weighs only 1.09 lbs. We would like for you to get the best price when acquiring a children's book for your children, click on the add to cart button.

Who had been the 1st humans to reach North America? A few archaeologists note similarities between early North American stone tool technologies and specimens discovered in Europe. How did they get here? A growing number of archaeologists now assume that no much less than some, if not most, of our forefathers arrived by boat along the northwest coast of North America. When did they arrive? They could have originated from Japan or Southeast Asia and stuck to the shorelines. He shows how scientists are like detectives investigating mysteries that took spot more than 1 hundred centuries ago. They speculate that early humans reached the continent by boat, crossing the frigid North Atlantic waters. Includes maps, glossary, sources, index. Some evidence suggests that they walked across the land bridge that once connected Siberia and Alaska. With archaeological field photographs and realistic illustrations by Richard Hilliard, David L. Harrison explores the various theories of North America's first people.


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