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Jurassic Shark

Jurassic Shark
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ASIN: 0060082496


Author: Deborah Diffily


Profiles Hybodus, a fearless and deadly prehistoric shark, looking at her feeding habits, preparations for giving birth, and dangers to herself and her baby.
Your child will love this magnificent book. Written by Deborah Diffily and it is published by HarperCollins. The children's book became available sometime in 2004. The hardcover book talks about Hybodus along with Prehistoric animals and it is regarded as smart juvenile literature. This is the 1st ed. is 32 pages long and it contains colorfully illustrated pictures. A Byron Preiss book. The book dimensions are 0.36" Height x 9.28" Length x 11.2" Width. It has got a weight of 0.89 lbs. Obtain a copy of this book, visit the shopping cart button on this page.

The oceans inside the Jurassic globe were filled with nightmarish creatures. Plesiosaurs, long-necked reptiles measuring as a lot as twenty-five feet long, ate fish -- and each other. They ate anything they could catch. The 40-foot-long Kronosaurus and the 45-foot-long Liopleurodon were ferocious predators with razor-sharp teeth.

Alongside these megapredators swam Hybodus, whose descendants include the great white sharks of right now. Hybodus was not the most significant hunter inside the Jurassic seas, however it was fearless. Hybodus would attack anything.

This is the story of a female Hybodus and her struggle to survive. Discover how she responds for the challenges -- and survives. She really should fight off a Liopleurodon that attempts to take over her hunting grounds. She ought to find a approach to help keep from being eaten, even as she hunts for food herself. And she need to find a strategy to help keep herself, and her unborn baby, secure in a spot exactly where even the deadliest of hunters can turn into meals for other predators.


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