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Ice Ages:when The World Chills Out (young Reed)

Ice Ageswhen The World Chills Out

New Holland Australia

Author: Russell Ferrett

It's essential to get a copy of Ice Ages:when The World Chills Out (young Reed) a really good children's book by Russell Ferrett. The author is Russell Ferrett and it was published sometime in 2010 by New Holland Australia. The book is 48 pages long, click on the weblink below.

Imagine the earth--temperatures beneath freezing and covered entirely in ice. The earth has had many ice ages, constantly altering from hot to cold and back once more. But what causes this to happen - and most importantly, are we due for an extra a single? Russ Ferrett, author of Builders of the Past and When the Earth Moves: Earthquakes and Volcanoes, takes us on an icy journey through what genuinely happened inside the ice ages. And what happens when an ice age ends and everything begins to melt? Where does snow and ice come from? How do glaciers form, grow and move? Our last ice age may have ended around 12 000 years ago however it wasn't the only one.


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