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Discovery In The Cave (step Into Reading)

Discovery In The Cave
ASIN: 0375858938

Random House Books for Young Readers

Author: Mark Dubowski

A dog named Robot pokes his nose into a hole in the ground. What is down there? Four boys have come with the dog to find out.
Your kids will love Discovery In The Cave. Written by Mark Dubowski and it was published on the 25th of May, 2010 by Random House Books for Young Readers. The book has 48 pages and it has colorfully illustrated pages. Whilst reading can be something of which everybody can engage in, you will discover surely many different ways where you will make the thrill greater. There are people who say they don't have time to read, nevertheless reading can also be an excellent use of time, particularly with the appropriate child's book. See this advice and you'll love reading much more now.

In 1940, four teenage boys plus a dog dropped themselves into a hole in the forest floor. Whole herds of horses! Using a flaming grease gun as a torch, they ventured deep underground, ultimately coming to an enormous cave, the walls of which had been covered with life-size paintings of animals. The boys had been amazed by their discovery. They'd stumbled upon the world's finest examples of prehistoric painting! Deer with horns as big as tree branches! Giant bison!


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