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Dinosaur Encyclopedia: From Dinosaurs To The Dawn Of Man

Dinosaur Encyclopedia From Dinosaurs
ASIN: 0789479354

DK Publishing Inc.

Author: David Lambert / Darren Naish / Elizabeth Wyse

Dinosaur Encyclopedia is a must own child's book. Written by David Lambert / Darren Naish / Elizabeth Wyse and it was published on the 1st of October, 2001 by DK Publishing Inc. The child's book is concerning Dinosaurs and it is deemed smart encyclopedias, juvenile. If you are inside the library you can in all probability look it up using the classification code, QE861.3.L33 2001. This is the 1st American ed. of the child's book is 376 pages long and it provides brilliantly colored illustrations of maps. It furthermore draws attentions to Prehistoric animals. Let yourself become absorbed within this children's book. Think of yourself as being the main figure, pondering and desperate for the answers in the process. You can get as artistic as you choose with the experience in your mind. It's most likely put you within the thrill and excitement of the book, add to cart by selecting the hyperlink below.

A comprehensive new reference book that gives fascinating insight in to the world of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts. In addition, there's a comprehensive reference section offering a survey from the geological timescale, a biography section covering top paleontologists, and an accessible glossary and index, making this a truly remarkable and compelling guide to all factors prehistoric. A helpful introduction gives an overview to understand fossils and evolution, followed by extensive sections covering different groups of prehistoric animals. Easy-to-use timeline bars on each page allow quick identification with the time period featured. Researched and compiled by a team of experts in dinosaurs as well as other prehistoric life, DK's Dinosaur Encyclopedia answers thousands of intriguing concerns about the dangerous world of dinosaurs. See the ferocious T-rex battle a gentle therizinosaur, or witness a giant, ground-dwelling bird chasing an early horse -- frighteningly realistic models and exceptional photography transport you straight into this ancient and terrifying world. It presents an amazing range of creatures, such as early flying reptiles, the first fist, and the ape-like animals that set the scene for the evolution of the first humans. This superb encyclopedia is divided into sections according to cladistics, producing it easy to understand how diverse groups of animals evolved from widespread ancestors. At-a-glance scale indicators and truth boxes combine to provide the essentials on the prehistoric world. Magnificent full-page reconstructions of prehistoric environments show these fascinating creatures in their natural habitats, from the Silurian seas to the grasslands of Pliocene America.


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