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Dawn Of Life, The (cartoon History Of The Earth)

Dawn Of Life
ASIN: 1553370724

Kids Can Press

Author: Jacqui Bailey

It's essential to get a copy of Dawn Of Life, The (cartoon History Of The Earth) a fabulous child's book by Jacqui Bailey. The author is Jacqui Bailey and it was published by Kids Can Press. It was available sometime in 2001. The children's book is 32 pages long. To obtain your personal copy of this book, visit the add to cart button on this page.

The Dawn of Life follows life on its evolutionary journey from a few single-celled organisms afloat inside the ocean to a dynamic profusion of plants, insects, reptiles and more. Scientific consultants, selected for their certain places of expertise, have verified each of the factual information. Each book closes having a timeline, a comprehensive glossary and an index. The Dawn of Life is component of A Cartoon History from the Earth. Combined with humorous dialogue and comic-strip illustrations, each book inside the series is at as soon as entertaining, engaging and -- educational!


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