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Bury The Dead: Tombs, Corpses, Mummies, Skeletons, And Rituals

Bury The Dead Tombs
ASIN: 0792271920

National Geographic Children's Books

Author: Christopher Sloan


Examines the customs and practices related to burial that have existed from ancient times to the present.
Your child will love this fantastic book by Christopher Sloan. Written by Christopher Sloan and it was published sometime in 2002 by National Geographic Children's Books. The book is all about Funeral rites and ceremonies along with Burial and it is viewed as positive juvenile literature. The children's book has 64 pages and it includes lots of amazingly colored illustrations.

Humans, and specifically kids, have usually been intrigued by death and the rituals that surround it in distinct cultures. Christopher Sloan now feeds this fascination with the latest scientific information and shows young readers what archeologists learn from studying the remains and graves of long-dead humans. Close-up photographs examine tombs, mummies, skeletons, and other archeological finds, while dramatic paintings re-create the times in which these people lived. The book reveals how Neandertals, ancient Egyptians, Maya, Sythians, and other individuals buried their dead, then explains what those rituals meant towards the living. A final chapter looks at modern burials.

In some parts of Indonesia, people bury their babies in living tree trunks. Sections for example Why People Bury Their Dead, The First Burials, Egypt Prepares for the Afterlife, Golden Tombs with the Amazons, and Ghost Soldiers of the Emperor discuss ancient burial secrets that cast new light on present day burial practices. (Ages 10 to 14) --Karin Snelson People about the globe view death in many different ways, and National Geographic editor Christopher Sloan's Bury the Dead examines what ancient burial sites in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas reveal about varying cultural perspectives on death and life immediately after death. Packed with vivid color photographs, timelines, artful illustrations, helpful maps, a bibliography, and an index, this riveting, clearly presented book is sure to fascinate budding archaeologists, anthropologists, and cultural historians. Today in Ghana, people bury their dead in coffins shaped like cars, fish, at the same time as other animals. In the Amazon rain forest, the Yanomami dead are burned, crushed, and after that eaten.


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