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Baby Mammoth Mummy: Frozen In Time: A Prehistoric Animal's Journey Into The 21ST Century (national Geographic Kids)

Baby Mammoth Mummy Frozen In Time
ASIN: 1426308655

National Geographic Children's Books

Author: Christopher Sloan


Tells the story of the discovery of Lyuba, a perfectly preserved baby mammoth discovered along a river in Siberia 31,000 years after her birth, and offers a glimpse into her prehistoric world.
Children love Baby Mammoth Mummy. The author is Christopher Sloan and the publisher is National Geographic Children's Books. This children's book became available sometime in September of 2011. At the library the reference number is QE882.P8 S56 2011. The book has 48 pages and it contains many superbly colored illustrations of maps. To see the discount I found, click on the link on this site.

Meet Lyuba— probably the most perfectly preserved baby mammoth ever found! Lyuba's incredible story, which debuted as a National Geographic Channel exclusive and as articles in National Geographic magazine and National Geographic Kids magazine, is certain to be a fascinating read for kids and a great complement to science curriculum. Found lying along a riverside 31,000 years after her birth, Lyuba delivers a never-before-seen view of prehistoric life in Siberia. Readers will join scientists as they recreate Lyuba's life and death using cutting edge science— including paleontology, radiology, and forensic science— and reveal new information about mammoths and their ice age home. Together with award-winning author Christopher Sloan, kids learn the story of her discovery by the indigenous Nenet males and women and peak inside Lyuba's mysterious prehistoric world.


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